"Emotion for strong hearts" campaign for Samsung Latin America.​​​​​
During the World Cup, a web series that tells real stories of how TV and football, played an important role in the lives of fans across Latin America.​​​​​​​
The "Corazones Fuertes" campaign has as protagonist the Peruvian player Paolo Guerrero, from Flamengo, who managed to be released to defend the shirt of Peru in the World Cup, after the Peruvian team achieved a historic classification for the World Cup, returning to the dispute 36 years after his last participation. The campaign also features a web series that tells real stories of how TV and football played an important role in the lives of fans across Latin America.​​​​​​​
Phase 1 – Paolo Guerrero

In Peru, the great football idol, Paolo Guerrero, was invited to watch the World Cup on a QLED TV and share the emotion of watching a World Cup after 36 years that the country did not participate in the World Cup.



Phase 2 with touching real stories of football lovers.


Episode 1, Unforgettable emotion.
Not even Alzheimer's could end the love for football that Alejandro and his grandfather shared since he was a little boy.

Episode 2, Caught in the act.
José's father didn’t let him go watch his team's game at the stadium. But that didn't stop him at all.

Episode 3, Memorable birthday.
A birthday that started badly, but thanks to football, ended in the best way possible.

Episode 4, A girl in love with football.
A girl who didn't let prejudice get in the way of her love for football.

Thank you.

Title: “Corazones Fuertes”
Client: Samsung Latin America
Year: 2022
Agency: Cheil Brasil
Manager Director: Evandro Guimarães
Executive Creative Director: Sérgio Alves
Creative Director: Fábio Baraldi, Ricardo Miller
Art Director: Fábio Baraldi, Guilherme Barros
Copywriter: Marcio Bittencourt
Photography: Personal file - Guerrero
Lettering and Calligraphy: Diego Carneiro
Illustration: Diego Carneiro
Motion Designer: Renan Godoy
Account: Enya Café & Evandro Guimarães
Strategy: Franklin Barbosa & Thais Mendes
Social Media: Diego Nery & Erick Ramalho
Media: Diego Ponce, Kleber Cardoso & Roberta Queiroz
Project Manager: Camila Guaitoli, Isabel Locatelli, & Juliana Sousa
Producer: Luzia Oliveira
Client Approval: Arthur Wong, Carlos Araújo, Ítalo Zolezzi, Roman Cepeda, Sílvia Tamai
Production Company: Bossa Nova Films 
Director: Chico e Mosca
Photography Director: Pedro Bottiglieri Moscalcoff
Art Director: Helcio Pugliese Junior
Account: Kiska Kaysel, Dani Harriz
Editing: Gabriel Lancman
Visual Effects: Derlei Felicio
Color Grading: Psycho
Sound Production Company: Estúdio Angels
Sound Director: José Eduardo Fernandez (Zé Angels)
Sound Producer: George Nahssen
Speaker: Pedro La Colina
Account: José Eduardo Fernandez (Zé Angels)
Sound Mixing & Sound Post-Production: Henrique Ohara

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