We create "tailor made" projects, using art as a fundamental tool to help the development and growth of brands, spaces or personal projects.
We can do an art on your wall or a poster for your movie, but it’s not all about business. Artistic experiments are the key to fueling inspiration and creativity. Coffees, daydreams, pizzas and travel, making a living from art is not just a business, it’s a way of seeing the world.

Diego Cagnato

Murals — Canvas Paintings — Gilding Customization — Exhibitions — Colabs — Logo Packaging Labels — Illustration — Lettering Calligraphy — Art Direction — Campaigns
It can be by hand, on the iPad, screen printing, spray, brush or artificial intelligence. We develop projects of the most varied types and sizes, in addition to research in visual arts and exploration of different techniques and technologies. We like to learn, and if there's something we don't know how to do, we have the best partners, photographers, designers and writers to help us.

Felipe Pacheco


"He goes through businesses of different natures and in all of them he has the most beautiful and disruptive insights. A unique look at design, whether it is applied in marketing, graphics, or the fine arts. And wherever else he wants. He takes care of parts of communication of our companies, parts that require essence and connection, and we certainly wouldn't trust it to anyone else."

Juliana Okamoto — C.E.O. PDC

"DC studio is a great partner of Beatnik & Sons.
They are very talented, professional, and are always surprising us. I highly recommend their work."

Renan Molin — C.E.O. Beatnik & Sons
Os França

2018 → Dubai, UAE — Collective exhibition — ING Creatives
2018 → Curitiba, BR — Collective exhibition — Manoo Festival
2019 → Curitiba, BR — Collective exhibition — Feira Mamute
2024 → Brisbane, AU — Typism Poster Show — Atypi


2014 → Brazil  — Computer Arts Brasil 85
2015 → Brazil — 11ª Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico
2016 → Australia — Typism Book 3
2017 → Brazil — 12ª Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico
2017 → China — Scripted, Custom Lettering in Graphic Design
2018 → Australia — Typism Book 4
2019 → Brazil — 13ª Bienal Brasileira de Design Gráfico
2020 → Australia — Typism Book 6
2021 → Australia — Typism Book 7
2021 → EUA — Communication Arts Design Annual 62
2022 → Australia — Typism Book 8

2013 → Gold — +Design Unicuritiba Award, Branding and Packaging
2014 → Gold — +Design Unicuritiba Award, Art Direction and Portfolio
2017 → Juri — +Design Unicuritiba Award
2018 → Silver — Brasil Design Award, Packaging, Lindt, Ag. Labis
2020 → Bronze — Brasil Design Award, Packaging, Örun, Ag. Labis
2020 → Silver — Brasil Design Award, Branding, Örun, Ag. Labis
2021 → Award of Excellence — Communication Arts, Moka Clube
2022 → Bronze — Latin America Design Award, Packaging, Moka Clube
2022 → Bronze — Brasil Design Award, Packaging, Moka Clube


Aplicação de folha de ouro
Aplicação de folha de ouro
Processo criativo
Processo criativo
Caligrafia em mural
Caligrafia em mural
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